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Landscape Rock in Salt Lake City, Utah

When you’re looking for landscape rock in Salt Lake City, Utah, check out all the varieties we have here at Utah Landscaping Rock.

The Top Choice Is Landscaping Rock, Naturally

The beauty of Salt Lake City is unparalleled, and in the quest to improve your little corner of it, consider using a product that is both natural and stunning: landscape rocks.

Utah isn’t Las Vegas or Disneyland. Our claim to fame here in Salt Lake City is the natural glory of the Wasatch Front, and many local residents strive to keep their property in line with this stunning example.

Utahns know it can be hard to keep a green lawn here in our hot, arid climate. So save time and money by replacing some of your lawn with landscaping rock. It’s always beautiful and never needs cleaning, fertilizing, repair or really any care at all. Once you put it down, you’re done.

The uses for attractive landscape rocks in Salt Lake City are endless.

How To Use Landscape Rocks In Salt Lake City, Utah

Most people want landscape rocks to build walkways. Whether it’s from your front door to the street or a meandering path through your garden, rocks are an excellent choice.

Landscape rocks are also popular in the construction of driveways. Rocks are a nicer, more durable choice than asphalt. They’re also much more attractive than a plain gray cement slab. And if your car accidentally leaks fluids onto the rocks, you can either easily replace the stained rocks or simply move them around so they are unnoticeable. This isn’t so easy with other materials.

Landscape rocks are beautiful and useful in gardens as well. Use them to keep down weeds or build a pretty border. Mix them into cement or get larger rocks to build decorative or retaining walls.

In fact, here at Utah Landscaping Rock, we even sell large boulders to accent your property. Use one as a centerpiece in your garden, or get several to create your own Salt Lake City Stonehenge!

Types Of Landscape Rocks In Salt Lake City, Utah

We offer many types of landscape rocks for you to choose from. Our cobbled rocks are smooth and rounded and come in four colors: Oak Creek Plum, South Town, Gray Cobble and Neapolitan.

Our crushed stone is a more angular shape and comes in 11 colors.

We deliver the landscape rocks directly to your Salt Lake City home for you or your contractor to use in your construction plan.

But how do you know how much you need? You don’t want to run out just as you’re trying to finish your project, or be left with a surplus mountain of rocks. Use our handy online rock calculator! It will tell you precisely how many tons you need.

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