Landscape Rock in Ogden, Utah

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Decorating With Landscape Rock In Ogden, Utah

Creating a beautiful landscape in the Intermountain West involves more than planting grass. While developers often put sod down in front of new homes on the market, longtime Utah residents know that it takes time and money to keep that grass green. Using landscape rock as part of your yard’s design is a perfect complement to our geography, and a practical solution to our arid climate.

Why not carve out a section of your front or back yard and redecorate with landscape rocks? You can plant a small ornamental tree, add a birdbath or sculpture, then fill with landscaping rocks. It makes for less mowing and more interesting terrain.

Or consider using landscaping rocks as the base for a succulent garden. Stones provide the easy drainage necessary to keep cacti, jade, aloe and other types of sun-loving plants healthy and strong.

Even better, landscaping rocks don’t need any maintenance. You don’t have to seal, patch, coat, paint, clean or do anything at all with them except put them on the ground. You can’t beat an investment like that.

Rocks are the material of choice for walls as well. Whether you want a wall to designate a dividing line between your and your neighbor’s property, to enclose an area of your yard like a patio, to prevent erosion or just as a design feature, we can help.

Practical Uses For Landscape Rock In Ogden, Utah

But landscape rock has utilitarian uses as well. Many property owners turn to landscape rock to build their walkways and driveways. It’s a more attractive, upscale choice than asphalt or a slab of gray cement. You can even choose a mix of small stones and large, or flat and rounded.

If you’re thinking of building a decorative or retaining wall, we can help you with that too. You can use smaller rocks mixed with cement, or large stones. We even have boulders you can use as accent pieces in your gardens.

One of the best features of landscape rock is that it is maintenance-free. It’s cleaned periodically by the rain, and never needs repair. And unlike garden mulch, you won’t need a new supply every year. Simply take a leaf blower to it at the end of the season, and you’re good until next year.

Types Of Landscape Rock In Odgen, Utah

You may not think about rocks as much as we do here at Utah Landscaping Rock, but rest assured that rocks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

For small-stone projects, you can choose between crushed rock and cobble rock. The former is more angular, while the latter is rounded and smooth. Each comes in a variety of colors: red, pink, gray, white and more.

If you need larger stones for a wall, or even boulders for accent pieces, we supply these as well. And we deliver them right to your doorstep, regardless of whether your project is small or large.

Rely on us whenever you need landscaping rock in Ogden, Utah. We’re local residents’ top choice for the best and cleanest landscaping rock. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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